Difference : What is Raw Indian Hair | What is Remy Hair | What is Non-Remy Hair?


We’re all about natural radiance. Shine with our uber-pure Maharani Raw Indian Hair Collection featuring untouched tresses in tons of beautiful tones and textures—because nothing’s more gorgeous than finding a look that’s true to you. Available in machine-wefted tracks, in natural straight, natural wavy, and natural curly textures.


Raw Indian Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other Non-Remy/Brazilian/Peruvian/Malaysian hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance.

Raw Indian Hair will have split ends, and will have a non-uniform curl pattern. The color can also slightly vary. To ensure you have quality Raw Indian hair run a strand between your thumb and index finger. The hair strand should feel smooth going downwards towards the direction of hair growth, however you should feel some resistance as you move your fingers in the opposite direction. This resistance signifies the cuticle is present and has not been stripped.

Any hair that has a perfectly uniform pattern more than likely is not Raw indian hair. Raw Indian hair is natural, chemically unprocessed hair that grows out of an individual’s scalp. Most people do not have a perfect wave from root to tip and normally have irregular curls, waves or ringlets on their head. 

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Most hair nowadays, often labeled as “Virgin”, “Remy” “Brazilian Hair” “Malaysian Hair” ”Chinese hair” “Russian Hair” “Peruvian Hair” "Euroasian Hair" is rarely genuine Raw Indian or Remy hair. Nearly 90% of all human hair extensions available in the market is consist of processed hair from China which was imported from India as raw fallen hair. It may even be mixed with animal or synthetic fibers. Most suppliers use non-remy hair instead of single drawn hair from one donor.

This means they strip the cuticle by soaking the hair in acid, chemically process it for texture, and color it with dyes. They also coat the hair with silicone, which makes it temporarily ‘tangle free' and lustrous, temporarily of course, but the silicone washes off quickly and the hair soon becomes dry, stiff, and matted. The hair becomes damaged and too weak to handle heat styling or color applications, they are left looking synthetic and unnatural, and need to be replaced quickly. This hair can often cause severe skin irritation and scalp allergies.

In order for Indian hair vendors to remain competitive, many vendors market hair as Brazilian Hair Extensions, Malaysian Hair Extensions, Peruvian Hair Extensions or Cambodian Hair Extensions. This is a clever marketing tactic nothing else that makes the hair appear more exotic and desirable. China imports fallen hair(Local Indian language : GOLI, Thuppa) which Indian ladies through every morning after combing their natural hair, also referred to as non-remy hair, from India. Fallen hair is dead hair that is collected from hair salons and hair brushes. If you are shopping for extensions, watch for Chinese hair masquerading as something else. Be careful about your source, stick to high quality vendors. Not a single chinese company imported Raw Indian Hair from India as per our two generation business experience all of them are importing Fallen hair in tons. Each month one chinese company is importing 10-12 tons of fallen hair as known as GOLI Hair which costs them as low as $50 per kg. After processing them they will be selling in the market anywhere between $20-$40 long sizes.

Here is the proof of tons of Fallen hair as known as GOLI, THUPPA in Indian Market :

Non-Remy Fallen Hair From India Collection by Chinese

Also perform a sniff test and if you pick up any chemical odors similar to a relaxer or perm, then the hair has been chemically processed.

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